Genelux believes that no other company in the field of Oncolytic Virotherapy owns an expansive intellectual property portfolio as its portfolio. The IP portfolio provides exclusive patent rights to Genelux for the development and commercialization of its best-in-class vaccinia virus-based oncolytic therapies and companion diagnostics. Genelux Corporation’s intellectual property (IP) estate includes more than 80 patents issued or granted and 50 published or pending in some 20 countries around the world, and over 39 granted or issued patents in the world’s major pharmaceutical markets (the U.S., EU, and Japan). It is the company’s belief that its patent strategy positions Genelux for long-term growth. Genelux will sustain these initiatives as oncolytic virotherapy, and particularly the vaccinia virus platform becomes increasingly recognized within the established pharmaceutical industry, medical and scientific communities as a source for important new drug discoveries and applications in oncology and beyond.