Genelux Corporation’s Leadership in Oncolytic Virotherapy

Genelux Corporation is leading the way in understanding and translating the science behind oncolytic viruses, the mechanisms by which they work to kill tumor cells and how they can be enhanced to deliver therapeutic and diagnostic transgenes and proteins that can replicate inside cancer cells to have maximum anti-tumor impact. We have developed a robust drug discovery capability, and are building a pipeline of innovative oncolytic virus-based cancer therapies and companion diagnostics.

Our commitment to scientific rigor and excellence is unparalleled in our field. The depth of science that underlies the Genelux drug discovery program is evidenced in more than 40 manuscripts published in world-class, peer-reviewed scientific journals including The Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, Cancer Research, Nature, Journal of Translational Medicine, Clinical Cancer Research, International Journal of Cancer, to name a few. Moreover, Genelux Corporation proudly collaborates with leading medical and academic research institutions, clinicians and scientists to replicate, validate, and maximize the potential applications and impact of its discoveries.

We believe this record of scientific leadership in oncolytic virotherapy speaks for itself and sets Genelux apart from other companies engaged in oncolytic virotherapy. Most importantly, it demonstrates the potential of novel oncolytic viruses, and our commitment to advancing this promising therapeutic approach for the benefit of cancer patients worldwide.