Genelux Technology Platform: Broad Applications, Deep Pipeline, Diversified Risk

Genelux Corporation’s technology platform is based on the use of genetically engineered vaccinia viruses systemically to deliver therapeutic and diagnostic constructs to tumors throughout the body. The company’s leading clinical-stage product candidate, GL-ONC1, is designed to attack and destroy various solid tumor cancers.

The company’s in depth scientific knowledge of the mechanisms behind its viral platform and continuing R&D initiatives have yielded an impressive array of future applications targeted to specific cancers and diagnostics. To date, the company has engineered more than 300 proprietary viral vectors, armed with over 60 transgenes or proteins for cancer therapy, diagnostics, animal health and other applications. Importantly, all of these exciting therapeutic and diagnostic constructs are Genelux Corporation’s wholly-owned Intellectual Property. Genelux is singularly positioned with its robust intellectual property portfolio and deep pipeline as a risk-diversified, multiple product candidate biopharmaceutical company.