Genelux Clinical Operations Team

Tony Yu, PhD
Vice President Of Clinical Trial Operations


Dr. Yu was an integral part of the initial scientific research that led to the formation of Genelux Corporation and was the Company’s first employee. He received a PhD in anatomy and biochemistry in 2002 from Loma Linda University and a BA from the University of Utah in 1995 after moving to the U.S. from his native China. After several years at the center of Preclinical research and development at Genelux, Dr. Yu now leads the Company’s Clinical Operations group, managing protocol development and overseeing all aspects of our human Clinical Trial program.

Qian Zhang, MD, MPH, PhD
Associate Vice President Of Regulatory Affairs


Dr. Zhang holds a PhD in Physiology and Molecular Biology from Loma Linda University, as well as an MPH (Master’s in Public Health) from the university’s School of Public Health. She also holds a BS in medicine (equivalent to a doctorate of medicine) from Qingdao Medical College in her native China. She has served as Genelux Corporation’s Director of Molecular Biology, managing the design and engineering of vaccinia virus transfer vectors for insertion of various therapeutic/diagnostic genes into new recombinant viruses for tumor diagnosis and therapy, and evaluating and coordinating studies on the genomics, proteomics and host expression profiling (microarrays) of vaccinia virus. In her current role, Dr. Zhang oversees regulatory matters related to the Company’s growing Clinical Program.

Terry A. Chamberlin, CCRA
Director Of Clinical Trial Operations


Ms. Chamberlin joined Genelux in February 2010 as Director of Clinical Trial Operations to manage clinical trial activities in the US and around the world. Ms. Chamberlin brings more than 10 years of domestic and international clinical research management experience. Prior to joining Genelux, Ms. Chamberlin was the Director of Clinical Affairs at NovaRx, where she was responsible for clinical development activities (Phase II and III) of a lung cancer vaccine program. Ms. Chamberlin received her BS from San Diego State University and holds certification as certified clinical research associate (CCRA) and in Association for Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP).