Genelux is committed to pursuing clinical trials in cancers with significant unmet need, and to pursue an aggressive strategy to ensure our therapies are on the most expeditious path to market for the benefit of cancer patients.
Genelux conducted its First-In-Man Phase I clinical trial of GL-ONC1 in Various Solid Tumor Cancers, establishing it as safe (well-tolerated) in patients with a variety of solid tumor cancers, establishing delivery of virus and replication in tumors, and finding promising early signs of efficacy across several tumor types.  Please click here for details.

In addition, Genelux is conducting additional Phase I/II clinical trials in a variety of cancers and Phase II trials are in the planning stages. The Company has also undertaken veterinary oncology studies in companion animals afflicted with a variety of cancers.

  • Ongoing and Planned Phase I and I/II Clinical Trials
    • Phase I Trial: GL-ONC 1 in Various Solid Tumor Cancers
      • Status: Expansion Cohorts Recruiting
      • For link to Clinical listing click here.
    • Phase I/II Trial: GL-ONC1 in Peritoneal Carcinomatosis
      • Status: Recruiting
      • For link to Clinical listing click here.
    • Phase I trial: GL-ONC1 in Head and Neck Cancers
      • Status: Recruiting
      • Combination trial with Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy
      • For link to Clinical listing click here.
    • Phase I trial: GL-ONC1 in Cancers of the Pleural Cavity (Lung, Malignant Mesothelioma)
      • Status: Recruiting
      • Valerie W. Rusch, MD, FACS (Principal Investigator)
      • Vice Chair for Clinical Research, Department of Surgery; Chief, Thoracic Service; Miner Family Chair
      • in Intra-thoracic Cancers, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (New York, NY)
      • MSKCC Website:
      • Telephone: 212-639-5873
      • Email:
      • Listing: click here
  • Future Clinical Trials
    • Phase II Trial: (GL-ONC1)
      • Status: Planning and Submission
  • Animal Health/ Veterinary Oncology Studies
    • Phase I Clinical Study to evaluate safety of intravenous administration of oncolytic vaccinia virus V-VET1 in treatment of dogs with measurable malignancies